Wayforward Launches Co-Op Action Game ‘Spidersaurs’ to Apple Arcade With New Trailer

Wayforward has launched their platforming arcade action game Spidersaurs exclusive to Apple Arcade, free with Apple Arcade subscription.

Spidersaurs are on the loose and it’s up to players to take them down and save the world. During one and two player modes, players will be able to run-n-gun through various levels and take down the threat of these horrid creatures.

Spidersaurs is inspired by Saturday morning cartoons from the ’90s. The game is an original IP from the studio that tells the story of INGESTCorp’s genetically engineered solution to global hunger, but the spider-dinosaur hybrids known as Spidersaurs decides to bite back. Players will assume the role of Victoria and Adrian across a variety of levels to put a stop to the creatures. Throughout the game, they’ve been able to equip character-specific weapons including spread shot, lasers, and flamethrower as well as use special Spidersaurs power that they gain access to.

During gameplay, players are able to team up on a single screen to take out enemies. Two controllers are required for this and multi-device co-op is planned for a future update.

To get a better idea of the game, the developers launched a trailer showing gameplay as well as some over-the-top animations set to a rock theme song that we can get out of our heads.

You can watch the trailer below:

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