World’s End Club Scenario Writer Talks Development and Coming up With Grade-School Friendly “Dirty Jokes”

Developer Kotaro Uchikoshi is not shy to speak his mind. With the release of World’s End Club on Nintendo Switch scheduled for later this month, the publisher, Izanagi Games, launched an interview with questions surrounding the game’s development and how he approached his role as the scenario writer.

Uchikoshi-san talks about many of the game’s features, but when it comes to the scenario and his vision, he found the most difficult moments to be writing dirty jokes because he didn’t want to go overboard and make them too obscene. He instead went for a more “cute” approach towards the dirty jokes and did his “best to think of grade-schooler-friendly dirty jokes.”

He’s been critiqued in the past for being too vulgar and decided to give the children of the game a more light-hearted approach to their jokes to fit their age better.

The developer goes on to explain why each chapter has a cliffhanger ending and themes of friendship. He mentions inspiration came from the 1979 movie The Bad News Bears, but have a group of kids fighting to save the world.

World’s End Club tells the story of the Go-Getters Club, which is made up of oddball kids from across Japan. Reycho and the members of the group are different from the other kids, and one day while on a school trip, their bust gets into an accident, and they wake up in a theme park under the sea. Suddenly, Reycho and the others are instructed to play a “Fate Game” to fight for their lives.

World’s End Club is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 28, 2021.

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World’s End Club is available now on Apple Arcade in the west. There will be a physical release available from NISA with limited edition items included.

Please watch the full interview below:

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