Zero Escape Creator Mentions ‘World’s End Club’ on Apple Arcade is Not the Complete Version of the Game

Izanagi Games and developer Too Kyo Games’ puzzle-action games World’s End Club is available now on Apple Arcade in the west, with a Switch release planned for 2021.

However, it seems that Apple Arcade players aren’t getting the full story here. In a Tweet made by Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, who worked on the scenarios for the game, mentioned, “Note: World’s End Club has a cliff-hanger end like Avengers Infinity War. (The complete version will be released on Switch.)” Giving the idea that perhaps Apple Arcade players will be missing in this version. Uchikoshi-san adds, “But it contains enough volume and high entertainment as one game. Total play time is probably about 10 hours. (depends on the individual tho.)”

The reason this is significant is that World’s End Club is free for some users who are using their free month of Apple Arcade to play the game. However, if they want to get the full experience, they’ll need to buy it when it comes to Switch.

World’s End Club tells the story of the Go-Getters Club, which is made up of oddball kids from across Japan. Reycho and the members of the group are different from the other kids, and one day while on a school trip, their bust gets into an accident, and they wake up in a theme park under the sea. Suddenly, Reycho and the others are instructed to play a “Fate Game” where they must fight for their lives.

Will you be double-dipping into World’s End Club or just wait for the Switch release?

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