Cygames Developed Pinball Action RPG ‘World Flipper’ Open’s Pre-Registration in the West

Kakao Games and Cygames have joined together to release the pinball action RPG, World Flipper, in the west later this summer on iOS and Android. The companies have also opened pre-registration in the west, where players can receive in-game rewards at launch, including four-star characters and items.

World Flipper blends RPG elements with pinball gameplay and features a pixel graphics artstyle. During gameplay, players will choose a unit that belongs to one of six different elements that can trigger a special skill. Players gather resources, collect new units, and level up to stay in the game as long as possible. There’s a level of strategy as players unlock the nearly endless combinations of characters, skills, and weapons.

Further, World Flipper features a storyline with special events, daily dungeon challenges, and boss encounters. Modes include online play with up to three users. Those who pre-register on the World Flipper website will receive in-game rewards, including the powerful 4-star unit Arisa and Lodestar Beads (in-game currency) if certain pre-registration milestones are met.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of World Flipper in the west, including new events and the official release date. Currently, the apple store provides an August 11, 2021 release date, but this could just be a placeholder.

For now, you can watch the pre-registration trailer below to see the gameplay in action:

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