Wolfstride Looks F**king Awesome in Debut Trailer for PC

Wolfstride Looks F**king Awesome in Debut Trailer for PC

Ray Fury announced they will publish the Ota Imon Studios-developed adventure RPG Wolfstride on PC-via Steam in 2021.

In Wolfstride, players assume the role of an ex-Yakuza member named Dominique Shade, who is competing in the Ultimate Mech Tournament. During gameplay, players will use skills and weapons to defeat other mech using a turn-based battle system. Players will be able to manage repairs, upgrade weapons, and learn new moves as they climb the ranks of the tournament.

Additionally, outside of combat, players can explore Rain City, one of the last remnants of the old world. Players will manage their time and decide where to visit and when. To further the adventure systems, players can also speak with residents and grow their relationships with the locals, which can lead to job offers. This isn’t all about glory though as some jobs require you to do simple tasks such as washing a cat.

The publisher released a styling new trailer for the game, which shows off the black and white aesthetic visuals and over-the-top gameplay systems. Viewers can also get a preview of the characters and mech battles that await them in this f**king awesome looking game.

You can watch the new trailer for Wolfstride below:

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