Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Launches Nioh 2 Collab & Major Update; DLC 3 “Upheaval in Jingxiang” Releasing December 2023

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that their action-adventure game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has received its Nioh 2 collaboration pack. Players can now enter the Dark Realm and battle against Mezuki from Nioh 2, providing the Scampuss Hat as a reward.

Additionally, the game has been updated to version 1.220, implementing the following:

Additional Features

  • Added the sub battlefield “Twilight’s Calling” as part of the “Nioh 2” collaboration.
    • Once the main battlefield “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness” has been completed, “Twilight’s Calling” will be added to Other in the Travel menu.
    • This battlefield will not affect the conditions for acquiring the trophies/achievements “Battle-Hardened” and “Hunting the Great Deer,” the ratio of Battlefields Conquered, or any titles related to conquering battlefields.
  • Added the headwear Scampuss Hat.
    • This item can be obtained as a clear reward for the first playthrough of the sub battlefield “Twilight’s Calling” from the “Nioh 2” collaboration.
    • After the reward is obtained, this item may also be randomly dropped by enemies.
  • Added new titles and records.
  • Increased the maximum amount of Genuine Qi that can be stored via Store Genuine Qi.
  • Increased the maximum amount of upgrade materials, items that grant Genuine Qi, and Golden Horse Hooves that can be possessed by the player.


  • Decreased the amount of “Armor Break” accumulation for Feasting Ursine.
  • Decreased the amount of “Armor Break” accumulation for Whistling Vortex.
  • Decreased the amount of “Armor Break” accumulation for Fanning Peacock.
  • Added Mezuki to the list of enemies appearing in “Boss Annihilation,” “Horde Eradication,” and “Onslaught of Warlords” in the Thousand-Mile Journey.
  • Adjusted the probability of some enemies appearing in the Thousand-Mile Journey.
  • Added “Sentry of the Underworld” to Theater.
  • Added a note to the description of the negative effect “Armor Break” explaining that it is not influenced by the positive or negative effects related to status effects.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in which the player’s Morale Rank decreased even if they were successful in nullifying the damage from Critical Blows using a hammer or poleaxe.
  • Fixed a bug in which the player was inflicted with Spirit Disruption even if they were successful in nullifying attacks that would deplete their Spirit using a hammer or poleaxe.
  • Fixed a bug in which using a Wizardry Spell to imbue an equipped glaive, halberd, spear, slashing spear, or staff with an element reduced the elemental value granted to that weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that increased the amount of “Armor Break” accumulation while “Zhurong’s Celestial Fire” under the set bonus Grace of Zhurong was active.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Spirit from being consumed properly upon performing a Spirit attack following a deflect with a long sword.
  • Fixed a bug in which Cups of Cordiality were not consumed as intended when used at Battle Flags in the Training Grounds.
  • Fixed a bug in which staffs were not included in the description for the negative effect “Armor Break.”
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Steam/Microsoft Store Versions

Additional Features

  • Improved the function for pre-compiling shaders.
    • This function was added in order to reduce lag during gameplay.
    • After the update is applied, shaders will automatically be compiled upon launching the game.
    • If graphics card drivers are updated after this update is applied, or if the game continues to lag, players can update the shaders by accessing System on the title screen and selecting Compile Shaders.
  • Reduced the time it takes to render large amounts of effects.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing the game from being launched if the installation path included double-byte characters.

Lastly, the third DLC for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Upheaval in Jingxiang, will launch on December 12, 2023. It will “depict Liu Bei’s forces as they fight back against the threat of the Elixir that has gripped Jing Province since the death of Yu Ji.”

“In addition, this DLC will feature a multitude of new content, including a more challenging difficulty level, new weapon category and demons, endgame content expansion, and more for a gripping experience for Wo Long experts and novices alike.”

You can view the launch trailer for the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Nioh 2 collaboration below:

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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