ebi-hime’s Otome Kinetic Novel ‘With Eyes of Ice’ Now Available on PC

Indie developer ebi-hime has released With Eyes of Ice on PC (Steam, itch.io). The otome-inspired game is a kinetic visual novel with a female protagonist suffering in a rather grim tale after having an array of pretty boys falling for her. The game features character illustrations by Kimiyoto, who also worked on Unluckily in Love and some CGs of The Language of Love.

With Eyes of Ice tells the story of Gréta Egilsdóttir, a young woman who finds herself running from something in the middle of the cold Icelandic nights. As she tries to recall what led to this precarious situation, we get to see her past which had multiple boys show their affection for her.

One of the guys she gets closer to is her childhood friend called Pétur, who’s an earnest boy who always seems eager to please. Another excitable love interest is Kai who’s described to resemble a puppy. Kristófer is hard to take serious due to his flippant attitude. And lastly, there’s also a kind-hearted doctor called Nataníel Jóhannsson, which she regards as a “love at first sight” that was not meant to be.

Despite all that variety, there are no routes as the game’s kinetic, so Gréta will have to enjoy the company of all of them with no choices to change the outcome of her life story. As the story starts with the protagonist in a pinch, the outcome of those relationships seems to not be happy.

Check out the trailer:

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