WitchSpring R Gets New Gameplay Trailer and It’s Pretty Freakin Adorable

WitchSpring R Gets New Gameplay Trailer and It’s Pretty Freakin Adorable

Kiwiworks released a new trailer for WitchSpring R, a remake of the original WitchSpring for mobile devices. The game is currently in development with a planned release on console and PC in 2022.

The gameplay is by far the most extensive yet; giving viewers a chance to meet characters and witness interactions from the story. Further, we get to check out some of the explorable towns and environments along with a glimpse of the tougher enemies players will face off against.

WitchSpring R is based on the original release but has been developed from the ground up for modern platforms. The game is said to push the graphical and gameplay limitations of the mobile version for players. This is not a simple port either, the team is focused on expanding the series based on feedback from fans.

During gameplay, players will explore the environment, collect items, and nurture those materials to complete quests. The goal is to grow your home, which will progress the narrative through emotional storytelling.

The developer has previously switched to a 35-hour workweek for the team so they can balance their work-life to create better experiences for players.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of WitchSpring R. 

You can check out the trailer below:

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