Retro Action Game ‘Witch & Hero’ Gets Switch Release Date

Flyhigh Works announced that their retro RPG Witch & Hero will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on March 21 for $4.99.

Previously released on the Nintendo 3DS, Witch & Hero features an 8-bit retro design that utilizes a classic “bump” system for attacking enemies. This is found in games such as Hydlide where players can just run into enemies to attack them.

The Switch version of Witch & Hero will come with some enhancements as well by receiving a graphical update that brings the game to HD quality on the Switch. The game also introduces co-op play where players can fight enemies together and progress through the story.

Witch & Hero’s story features a Hero and Witch, you don’t say. However, the witch has been turned to stone by Medusa so it’s up to the Hero to save her by defeating monsters and collecting their blood which will recover the Witch for a limited amount of time. The game features a variety of stages to fight enemies through using a few different skills such as reviving the Witch to unleash a powerful attack while fighting a tough group of enemies.

The publisher also released a new trailer showing the game running on Switch hardware, which you can watch below:

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