KimiYuki ‘Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo’ Otome Game Gets May Release Date on Switch

Publisher Aksys Games has announced the release date for Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo. Originally known as Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau (or KimiYuki), the otome visual novel developed by Otomate will be available in English on Nintendo Switch on May 18.

Winter’s Wish tells the story of a young woman who was always treated as a harbinger of calamity in her village due to her strange abilities. Whenever something bad is about to happen, she can see black threads all around. As this was seen as a bad omen by the local populace, she was eventually exiled to the snowy mountains.

Once outside, a mysterious group calling themselves the Oniwaban shows up mentioning how they need her powers to fight the monsters that threaten Edo. This is a major turning point in her life and she will also get to know more about this unique organization that serves the Tokugawa shogunate and their members.

Winter’s Wish features art by Team.Nagaoka (Clock Zero), and a story cowritten by Oogi Saya (Period Cube, Dairoku: Ayakashimori), Sasaki Maro (Café Enchanté’s Canus route, Yuukyuu no Tierblade) and Yuuki Yoshino (Trigger Kiss, NEKOPARA -Catboys Paradise). Love interests’ voice actors include Namikawa Daisuke, Satou Takuya, Saitou Souma, Kobayashi Yuusuke, Maeno Tomoaki, and Yamashita Seiichirou.

Besides the release date, Aksys has also shared an image of the character cards included in the first run copies of Winter’s Wish physical edition, which is already open for preorders on their store site:

winters wish cartoes

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