Mystery Visual Novel From Narcissu Developer ‘Winter Polaris’ Coming West This Summer

Sekai Project announced during Anime Central 2019 their plans to publish the Stage-nana developed mystery visual novel Winter Polaris for PC-via-Steam in summer 2019.

Winter Polaris is separated into two different stories that are intertwined but focus on unrelated events, seemingly. One story is set in Tokyo where a mysterious disease begins killing people without warning. The symptoms are fatal since anyone affected disappears into thin air, which has some Avengers: Infinity War vibes to it. However, over the months it seems everyone has fallen to the disease except one man who believes he is all alone. That is until he meets a strange lolita goth girl name Tsubaki who claims to be an immortal.

The second story is set on the beaches of a small island where a young girl name Elena has just rescued a woman, Mary, drifting in the sea after a storm. Mary is found clutching a glass bottle made with technology that neither of them recognizes so the two set off on a sea journey to the ends of the early to search for the meaning of the bottle.

Stage-nana is known for their other titles including Narcissu and Ame no marginal, this will be the company’s 41st project. The game was released in three parts in Japan.

Sekai Project also announced Sanarara R and How to Raise a Wolf Girl during Anime Central 2019, which are two titles from popular visual novel developers that we are sure will excite fans of the genre. However, we will patiently await new details for all three titles.

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