Mechs, Great Controls, and Anime Girls, ‘Wing of Darkness’ Has Our Full Attention

Each console generation sees an improvement in the mech genre. Luckily, developers are still creating more arcade-like offerings in the genre to keep them approachable to all players. It seems that Production Exabilities is doing just this with their upcoming mech action game Wing of Darkness.

After playing a few hours of the Japanese demo of the game, we are now even more excited for what this developer is doing in terms of fun mecha gameplay. However, we wouldn’t mind the difficulty of the game being turned up a little.

Wing of Darkness is extremely arcade-like and consists of piloting a fully armed mobile flight suit through a series of missions. The missions offered in the demo mainly involved shooting down enemy aircraft while avoiding incoming fire. There’s one particular mission which involved escorting an ally but that too mainly had me shooting down waves of enemies in order to protect the escorted target.

Before starting a mission, the game allows you to choose a loadout for your flight suit which involves choosing a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and specialty weapon. If you have trouble deciding on what you want to use, the game has a selectable option that has it load a recommended loadout for the specific mission you choose. I ended up liking these features because it took a lot of the guesswork out of things which I personally enjoyed since it allowed me to dive right into the game. Further down the line, I wouldn’t mind getting a better understanding of each of the weapons and learning their pros and cons so that I could develop my own playstyle.

wing of darkness 2

While Wing of Darkness was fairly simple in its premise as well as its mechanics, the controls were tight and easy to use which made it easier for me to get immersed in the missions since I didn’t have to worry about navigating how to do things. There were multiple difficulty levels across each mission to allow for an extra challenge, however the normal mode for the missions in the demo wasn’t very difficult, and it was easy to get through all the missions without the risk of dying.

The game is graphically beautiful and the brief look at the characters left a positive impression on me which made me want to know more about them and this world. The sound of the gunfire and sense of speed is also something that impressed me from a study of this size. It’s evident the amount of work the team put into making this each moment of a mission feel exciting in the demo, so you could say I’m eager to play more missions and see how they keep this up.

wing of darkness 1

Overall, I liked what I saw during my time with Wing of Darkness, but I would like to have seen more variety in the missions. I’m eager to see how the characters impact the story to give each mission the amount of weight needed to make them feel necessary. For now, I’m mostly excited to mess around more with the game’s customization and make my perfect indestructible mech to cause some explosions in the sky as a decked out anime girl.

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