Furry Visual Novel ‘Winds of Change’ Gets New Earlier Release Date

Tall Tail Studio announced that their furry visual novel Winds of Change, will launch earlier than the planned September 24 release date, instead, the game will launch on PC-via Steam on August 21.

Currently, the game’s first act is available for free on Steam but the game is also in Early Access.

Additionally, a new trailer was released to give players a preview of the characters and environments in the game. The developer has also shared a video where they detail the game’s choice system and how these choices affect the game’s story.

Winds of Change blends elements of one-world RPGs, point-and-click adventures, and visual novels to create a unique narrative structure for players. The story has the players assume the role of The Seer of Valinorth, blessed by the realm of spirits, you are given visions that are meant to send your village down the right path. One day, you see a vision that will change your future. Following the events, you’re forced to leave your furry village and go on a furry adventure into the world of Alestia as you take arms against the Rebellion.

Gameplay features parallel stories where players will use the powerful seer abilities to transport themselves into the bodies of others in order to get a glimpse of stories unfolding all over the world. Romance and friendship in the game are possible for players that develop naturally throughout the story. Also, the game will be fully voiced by notable English voice actors.

You can watch the new trailers below:

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