Windjammers 2 Launches Free Update Adding Full Crossplay Support, New Characters, and More

Dotemu has released a free new update for this competitive disc sports game, Windjammers 2, available across all platforms. The publisher is also discounting the game for a limited time.

The major update adds a ton of requested features such as full crossplay support with all platforms, along with two new characters, android Jamma GX03 and Polish powerhouse Anna Szalinski. Further, players will find How To Play and Practice modes, as well as a variety of new online features like Lobbies.

Jamma GX03 is one of the newcomers to the Flying Power Disc Federation. This android boasts a well-balanced combination of power and speed, positioning her as a formidable contender on the court. Created by the major sponsor Todemu, Jamma GX03 was designed to address declining audience numbers, and her presence promises to usher in a new era of competition in the esteemed windjamming sport. She has already gained popularity among fans.

Another addition to the roster is Anna Szalinski from Poland. She spent her early years in the circus before deciding to run away. Anna, though slower, possesses remarkable strength due to her background as a weightlifter. Her determination to secure victory in the cup is driven by her desire to protect animals and seek vengeance against circuses that mistreat them.

Windjammers 2 introduces two new modes: Lessons and Practice. Lessons enable players to learn all the game’s moves in a comprehensive “How To Play” mode, covering various aspects like Movement, Shots (lob, curbed, slap, and drop), Jumps, and Super Shots. Practice mode lets players compete against a computer opponent with customizable settings, including Force service and various difficulty levels.

The latest update brings major online features. Lobbies are now available, allowing players to join or create game rooms with friends using a password. These lobbies offer multiple settings for creating custom game experiences. Additionally, the update brings full Crossplay functionality, enabling Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players to compete against their counterparts on Steam and Xbox in online matches.

It’s important to note that the new features come with a reset of online rankings across all platforms. This means that players have a fresh opportunity to strive for prestige and glory in the windjamming sport, no matter where they are or which platform they use.

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You can watch the trailer below:

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