Action Roguelike ‘Windblown’ Announced by Creators of Dead Cells

Action Roguelike ‘Windblown’ Announced by Creators of Dead Cells

During The Game Awards 2023, Motion Twin and Kepler Ghost announced their new 3D action roguelike Windblown.

Windblown is a new action roguelike game from Motion Twin, the creators of Dead Cells. In this game, players find themselves in The Ark, a serene floating village that orbits around a massive, dangerous entity known as the Vortex. Despite the peaceful life in The Ark, a looming threat exists – the Vortex is on the verge of consuming this tranquil haven. Players take on the role of warriors, known as Leapers, who face the daunting task of battling the Vortex’s formidable emissaries to protect their home.

Windblown stands out with its rapid-paced gameplay, setting a new standard in the action roguelike genre. Players can swiftly navigate expansive, ever-evolving sky islands, uncovering secrets and engaging in intense combat against the Vortex’s Sentinels and formidable bosses. The game also introduces a unique feature where players absorb the memories of fallen warriors, allowing them to learn and master various fighting styles.

This system lets players switch weapons and adapt their strategies, gradually unlocking more potent and complex weaponry. The game challenges players with rigorous combat, encouraging them to learn from each defeat and refine their skills. For those seeking assistance, an online co-op mode is available. Motion Twin invites players to contribute feedback to enhance Windblown, echoing their successful collaborative development approach with Dead Cells.

You can view official screenshots of Windblown via our gallery below:

You can view the announcement trailer of Windblown below:

Windblown is planned to launch for PC via Steam in Early Access in 2024.

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