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    Title: Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5
    Author: Atsushi Uchiyama
    Release Date: May 18, 2021
    Publisher: Kodansha

The stakes are raised in Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 as Kouki Nakagawa is ghosted on several fronts and now must also deal with a new person after his heart. The intro acts as a recap of the previous events; many questions are answered in a not-so-climactic fashion.

Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 3

Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 doesn’t waste any time making things complicated as everyone seems to just want to move on without having to actually talk about their feelings. Sadly, we are primarily at the mercy of Ko and how he’ll approach the situation. We get to learn a lot more about Jindo, and it’s revealed what she truly is. I don’t think the impact of the previous volume really lasted, and when it’s brought up here, it just feels like word vomit. However, Ko’s life becomes tougher as Tenshi Konoe shows up to explain her interest, and through this, we learn more about her.

Even though many secrets come out in the open, there’s still a lot that isn’t shared amongst the cast. Ayumi has been entirely left in the dark and harboring feelings of her past that are potentially world-ending. It’s interesting to see how these new realizations play into the story. One scene of note is how Tenshi tells Jindo that shoving Ko’s face into her boobs isn’t what he wants, and she doesn’t know how to react. I know we’re supposed to be wary of Tenshi, but she’s right.

Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 1

The last few chapters of the volume build on the suspense, and it’s organized brilliantly. You can just hear the montage music playing as all of these pieces across the several characters are put into place, and you wonder where it will lead. It’s perhaps what the rest of the series has been missing. Up until now, the Organization has just been an idea, but knowing they exist makes everything so intense.

The illustrations are gorgeous. Seriously, I could look at these panels for days. The fanservice has also been upped her as readers get multiple pages of full nudity, with a bit of steam to hide the sensitive areas. I would say that Jindo has become much too accepting of Ko and Ayumi’s love and doesn’t react in ways you’d expect her to. While I liked that we just moved past it quickly, it’s strangely paced character growth for the sake of it.

Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 2

Will it Be the World or Her Vol. 5 gives us what we’ve been waiting for. Whether that’s an actual antagonist or a few scenes of Ayumi and Jindo naked together, it’s all here. I thought the jokes were subdued to make way for the highly emotional conclusion, but they’re still sprinkled around. A lot rests on this next volume, and I hope it doesn’t waste the excellent way Volume 5 leaves off.


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