Will It Be the World or Her? Vol. 4 Review – More Complications

    Title: Will It Be the World or Her? Vol. 4
    Author: Atsushi Uchiyama
    Release Date: April 20, 2021
    Publisher: Kodansha

Given the nature of comedic ecchi anime, you often encounter similar story beats and re-used scenarios. It just so happens that walking in on someone changes happens so much more in manga than it does in real life. Anyway, Will It Be the World or Her? Vol. 4 continues this haphazard supernatural romance love-fest and decided that the complications introduced in the previous chapters weren’t enough, so new variables have to be introduced.

Will It Be the World or Her Vol. 4 2

Will It Be the World or Her? Vol. 4 has Kouki Nakagawa and Ayumi Fujisaki remembering a lost memory they both have of Hikari Jindou, which just so happened to be during the tragic vacation of 8 years prior. It’s a strange realization, but it works to move the plot along or at least make it more complicated than it already is. Kouki struggles to keep up with his feeling for Ayumi that he can’t express and turn away Hikari. This isn’t anything new, but here we get to see a few sides of Hikari that we haven’t yet.

Aside from the moments of fanservice, and there are many of them, we meet a new character, Tenshi Konoe, who is clearly up to something. This third possible love interest comes across as a friendly third-party who Kouki can talk with without constantly having to stress out about. The idea sounds like a vacation considering everything that happened in Volume 3.

Will It Be the World or Her Vol. 4 2 1

This is a volume that I felt would provide new answers, but instead, we just got more complications. Outside sources slowly reveal their true nature, and the characters you assumed to be supporting cast members begin to reveal their true intentions. It’s an interesting concept, but similar to the previous volumes, it’s two steps forward, one step back from getting any real answers.

I like this idea of Kouki having to actually choose because up until now, his decisive attitude has been annoying. Hikari is clearly insane, but he keeps her around and doesn’t completely stop her. We do get to see her drop her guard a little around Ayumi, but she’s still as crazy as ever. Honestly, by now, she and I would have been married.

Will It Be the World or Her Vol. 4 3

This volume has some of the best moments in the entire manga, from Anzu speaking Spanish out of nowhere to Hikari smelling a different girl on Kouki. I was laughing hysterically. I enjoy how the story paces out these moments, but Anzu is just a little too annoying to appreciate fully. I feel like they use her too often to break up sexual scenes or clear tension, which forces the plot to be put on hold.

Will It Be the World or Her? Vol. 4 is perhaps the strongest entry to date. We have everything in terms of fan service to some real progress made at figuring out just what the hell is going on. However, there are just as many new characters at play as Tenshi is clearly plotting something as other characters have their eyes on Ayumi. As we get further into this series, all I can see is….I’m team Hikari.


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