Wild West JRPGs Wild Arms 1, 2 & 3 Discounted on PSN

Wild West JRPGs Wild Arms 1, 2 & 3 Discounted on PSN

As part of the End of the Year Deals on PlayStation Network, Sony has discounted the first three Wild Arms games for PlayStation 4. Alternatively available for users who are subscribed to the Premium tier of the PlayStation Plus service, each of these turn-based experiences are must-plays for JRPG lovers.

The original Wild Arms follows Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia in the world of Filgaia. The three all have wildly different backgrounds, and they unite to prevent the potential arrival of Demon’s Bane, a treacherous weapon. Another threat they contend is the Metal Demon, Mother.

Wild Arms 2 also occurs in Filgaia, where a group of terrorists called Odessa threatens to conquer the world, but they’re combated by the anti-terrorist group ARMS. Three protagonists, the gunfighter Ashley, the sorceress Lilika, and the former war hero Brad, unite against Odessa.

Wild Arms 3 follows protagonist Virginia Maxwell, a beginning Drifter, or adventurer, who finds herself involved with other Drifters following a failed attempt at a train robbery. Of course, the group faces a threat regarding the nature of their world.

These three titles also have Platinum trophies, so achievement lovers have more to look forward to on that front. Their PSN store pages are listed below:

  • Wild Arms – 30% Off – $6.99 Until December 21
  • Wild Arms 2 – 30% Off – $6.99 Until December 21
  • Wild Arms 3 – 50% Off – $7.49 Until December 21

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