Wild Hearts Adds Deathhaze Gloombeak Kemono & Serial Hunt Quests

EA and Koei Tecmo have announced that their recently released hunting game, Wild Hearts, has received a post-launch update adding various new gameplay content.

Firstly, a new deeply volatile Kemono, the Deathhaze Gloombeak, has appeared in Akikure Canyon, and defeating it will grant players the Deathhaze Exorciser title. Additionally, the creature will sometimes drop an accessory with the new Toxic Shock skill, which “will increase damage to health from toxins when Kemono are in a poisoned state.”

Another collective addition is new Special Quests called Serial Hunts. Throughout these sequences, players must hunt a gauntlet of Kemono under a time limit, with drawing from healing water wells no longer being possible. The provided reward becomes more substantial the more targets a player defeats, though they’ll lose it all if they ever lose. As a result, you can drop out early to keep any prizes you’ve earned up to that point. Alternatively, taking down every target in one run will grant those built-up rewards as well as new Chat Stamps and Emotes.

You can view more details via the game’s official website.

Wild Hearts is set in a place called Azuma where Kemono roam, but the sizes of these creatures vary. After a dreadful fight with the winter wolf Deathstalker, players become bearers of a life-sustaining technology and are compelled to restore balance across the region. During gameplay, players will journey across Azume alone or with up to two players to take on missions and hunt creators.

The title’s Karakuri system is emphasized as the crux of the combat. These tools have been crafted from ancient technology, giving its users advantages when battling Kemono beasts and traversing environments. Crafting, new forms, and arrays of combinations are what players will have to embrace during their bouts.

Additionally, laying traps and understanding the surrounding terrain is imperative for getting the upper hand against Kemono beasts, doubly so in large parties where strategy is crucial.

Wild Hearts is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam, Epic Game Store, and EA App). If you missed it, check out our review.

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