UPDATE: Wild Arms 2 & The Legend of Dragoon Trophy Lists Revealed

UPDATE: Wild Arms 2 & The Legend of Dragoon Trophy Lists Revealed

Sony has recently revealed the trophy lists for the enhanced re-releases of their PlayStation 1 classics, Wild Arms 2 and The Legend of Dragoon. Both games have Platinum Trophies and based on cursory glances, the requirements appear fairly self-explanatory for fans of the originals. The games are scheduled to launch tomorrow for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, though they should also be purchaseable standalone.

UPDATE 2/21/2023: Wild Arms 2 and The Legend of Dragoon are both available for $9.99 each. If you bought the titles on PlayStation 3’s PSN, you should be able to download these releases for free.

Wild Arms 2 being added to the PSN is fantastic for modern players to discover this series, with upscaled rendering and added accessibility features. What’s even more notable is how with this release, the first three entries in the series will be readily available for PlayStation owners to play. In addition, we should add that they can be purchased as standalone purchases or through the Premium Subscription service.

Further, both Wild Arms 1 and Wild Arms 3 also have Platinum Trophies of their own, so the first three entries can be fully platted. It’d be quite cool to see the other Wild Arms entries greet PSN, but considering the change in copyright, it’s doubtful.

The Legend of Dragoon was initially released on PlayStation in 2000 by developer Japan Studio and producer Shuhei Yoshida. The game has become a beloved classic JRPG for its rather dark and fantastical narrative.

This version of the game will be enhanced with up-rendering, rewinding, quick save, and custom video filters. Players assume the role of Dart as he sets out on an adventure to save his friend, which becomes a much bigger deal than he anticipated. While coming into contact with a dragon, he is given the beast’s spiritual power, which provides him with access to new abilities. The entire party can also transform during battle into some dragon armor outfits, which is hella cool.

During battles, players must press buttons at a specific time to add damage or increase the length of the attack. This is usually followed by them yelling the name of the attack.

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