2D Platformer ‘Wicce’ Coming to Nintendo Switch in May

CFK announced they will publish the Alpheratz-developer 2D action platformer Wicce on Nintendo Switch in May.

Wicce is a side-scrolling action platformer where players take on the role of Wicce, a woman who lives with her daughter in the forest. However, one day she sent her daughter on an errand, but she never came back. This caused Wicce to spring into action and head to the town of Death to find her daughter no matter what.

Gameplay features a variety of actions with simple controls; the game has players pull through dynamic battles and boss fights where bosses have their own unique patterns. The game has no dialogue during the actual game so that anyone can interrupt the scenes. Further, the difficulty is set moderately for all players to enjoy, but there are added challenges.

The game features 3 endings and is estimated at 1-hour per playthrough.

Wicce initially launched in 2016 on PC-via Steam and has some fairly positive reviews from those who played. This will be the first time the game is released on consoles.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Switch release of Wicce in the west.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below, which mostly just reveals the Switch version:

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