Catgirl Visual Novel ‘Why Is There A Girl In my House?!’ Asks the Right Questions and Launches on Steam

Top Hat Studios announced that the Betulasoft developed debut visual novel, Why is There a Girl in my House?! is available now on PC-via Steam.

Why is There a Girl in my House?! follows the protagonist Elena who is a “hardworking businesswoman” who is finding it hard to get some “me time”. After work, it’s typically hard for her to find time to relax before moving onto the next task. One day, she returns home to find that there’s a catgirl in her home which she exclaims, “Why is There a Girl in my House?!” roll credits.

Well, it just so happens that this catgirl is named Alice and was let in by Elena’s Aunt. The two become closer over time and maybe even cure Elena’s exhaustion.

Why is There a Girl in my House?! will launch uncensored on Steam. The game will have 5 CG in total and runtime of about 2 hours. The title will cost $2.99 and there won’t be an all-ages version available. This is considered an adult visual novel so you’ll need to tick the option to view the game on Steam by logging in.

You can watch the original trailer for Why is There a Girl in my House?!  below:

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