Romance Visual Novel ‘White Wings’ Receives Kickstarter to Bring This Love Triangle West

Pureworks has launched a Kickstarter to assist with funding on their first visual novel, White Wings.

The team is made up of various developers from across the visual novel industry as they grouped together to create an emotional story full of drama and romance. The team is asking for $3,000 to add Japanese audio to the game. Other stretch goals have also been announced, such as adding animations to the game’s romance scenes.

White Wings is a romance visual novel that follows Hiro Fujiwara who attends Shoba Senior Middle School. One day, a transfer student named Moe Miyazawa joined his class and set next to him. Even though Moe was smart, she was also cold and other students didn’t approach her. While Hiro made his attempts to get closer to her, another girl named Reika Fukihara found her way into Hiro’s life. She was attractive and more pleasant to be around than Moe, so Hiro has found himself in a bit of a predicament. The story follows this strange love triangle that Hiro has put himself in and the romance that unfolds after.

White Wings features fully animated characters using the e-mote system as well as a fairly large cast of characters. Players will be able to play through different routes as they learn more about the girls and grow their bonds.

The game features uncensored (no mosaic) adult scenes via a free content patch and 24 or more CG scenes in the story.

You can watch the Kickstarter video below:

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