White Day 2: the flower that tell lies Revealed in Teaser Trailer

Developer Sonnori released a teaser trailer for White Day 2: the flower that tell lies, a new game in development from the studio.

The announcement of this title is strange because the studio had already announced White Day 2: Swan Song as a sequel to White Day Remake. The game would be a prequel to the events and would release as a PlayStation VR exclusive. However, that game was put on hold last year, and it’s not confirmed whether or not it will still release.

Not much has been revealed for White Day 2: the flower that tell lies, aside from the awkward translation of the title. Currently, all we have is a teaser trailer that says, “Born as a flower, but never was the one. So I became the lie swallowing the truth.” The trailer is in English, so we assume that a western release is planned.

The White Day entries have been known for their horror and puzzle elements. Players traveled around the school and interacted with supernatural objects to progress. Most of the time, a janitor was roaming the halls, ready to catch and kill you if caught. It was a decent game but lost its novelty over multiple playthroughs.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of White Day 2: the flower that tell lies and its development.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:

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