Classic Visual Novel ‘WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow’ Now Available on PC with 10% Discount

Publisher Shiravune has announced that the Aquaplus-developed visual novel WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow is now available on PC via Steam and Johren with a temporary 10% discount.

This is a classic and visual novel that all fans of the genre should play, and it also initiated a truly beloved franchise.

Originally made as one of Leaf’s erotic games in 1998, WHITE ALBUM tells the story of a college student named Toya Fuji. Though he’s a very ordinary young man, he’s actually the boyfriend of singer Yuki Morikawa. As she becomes more popular and distant, the game focuses on the poignant story of the couple’s love within those circumstances and how they may stick together or drift apart.

Besides the conversations, the game features a map system so players can choose where to go and who to see. Interactions may also affect the player’s stats, giving it a simulation aspect. Unlike the original game, the HD remake was made as an all-ages title from the start.

It’s worth mentioning its two-part sequel, White Album 2, is widely regarded as one of the best dramatic visual novels of all time, so we can’t help but hope it may be announced in the future as well.

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