Ciconia When They Cry Announced for the West on PC

MangaGamer announced during Sakuracon 2019 there plans to localize and publish the 07thExpansion developed visual novel Ciconia When They Cry.

Ciconia When They Cry was illustrated and written once again by Ryukishi and is planned for a global release on MangaGamer and Steam globally during this year’s Summer Comiket in Japan, planned for early-mid August 2019.

During the event, Ryukishi revealed that Ciconia When They Cry will take a different turn in style from his previous works. Hile Higurashi and Umineko focused on having players try to solve the mystery of the story themselves, Ciconia will focus on action and have puzzle elements scattered throughout the story. Ryukishi07 even issued a challenge to fans: “In this next game, I won’t give you the privilege of being a player!”

Ciconia When They Cry is set after World War 3 long over with. On the heels of nuclear winter, a group known as the Gauntlets are undergoing special training from a young age. Those who master the training get to become Gauntlet Knights, which just so happens to be the position of the group that the story follows. However, World War 4 seems like a possibility in this world and these characters start to see themselves as pawns in the global deadly games. It’s these characters who must make a choice whether to fight for them or against them.

Ciconia When They Cry is being localized alongside the Japanese version of the game.

You can watch the Japanese game trailer below:

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