Whale On Tyranny in Upcoming RPG Visual Novel, Whalefall

Whitethorn Games took to the [email protected] indie showcase today to announced their upcoming JRPG/Visual Novel title, Whalefall.

Set in an original fictional fantasy world, Whalefall takes place in the fictional land of Osfeld. Every century in Osfeld, one of the huge flying whales dies and falls to the ground, where battles take place over their valuable carcass. Now, the evil Stoneshield Legion has shot down a whale early in an attempt to bring back the defunct Iron Chain Empire and take over the land. This forces Coty, a simple recruit, to lead the Riverwatch Forces to fight back the cataclysmic events that are unfolding.

Players will be able to recruit new friends to their side, as well as form romantic relationships with characters, as they engage in tactical combat to stop the vile Stoneshield Legion. Judging from the trailer, the game seems to be split between illustrated 2D visuals and 3D models in certain sequences.

Whalefall is set to release on major platforms and PC in 2023, though Whitethorn Games says they’re considering all platforms. Check out the official Whalefall website for further information, as well as the game’s Steam page. You can also find the game on Kickstarter, where it currently has a $50,000 goal.

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Spencer Legacy

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