Whacky Switch Rhythm Game ‘TIMINGooo!’ Will Be Released Worldwide By Mages Next Month

A recently-added eShop page reveals MAGES is currently working on the worldwide release of TIMINGooo!. This rhythm game will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2021, supporting both Japanese and English as languages.

TIMINGooo! is described as a simple rhythm game that newcomers can also enjoy. There are only two buttons involved and you just need to push them according to a timing that fits the music. Without complex controls, it’s all about getting into the groove and feeling the rhythm.

Considering the illustrations and stories though, the game is supposed to be really weird. Basically, you are supposed to be a man who fell into hell. To escape, you will have to go through five areas playing through different music genres and training your sense of rhythm. According to the game’s description, it’s possible to play as multiple characters that you find inside those circles of hell.

The visuals seem to be vary from a cartoony, but extremely Japanese, style to Japanese classic paintings and even pixelated goodness. Looking at the screenshots I’m a bit reminded of Rhythm Heaven but it seems to be a little more on the zany otaku side as expected from the developer.

You can see some of the TIMINGooo! screenshots taken from the eShop page below:

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