Western Trails Fans Have Many Games to Look Forward To, But Must Wait Until 2023 to Experience Them All

Earlier today or yesterday, depending on your timezone, developer Nihon Falcom hosted their anniversary live stream concert in conjunction with aid from New Game Plus Expo, celebrating their 40-year presence. The contents of the concert itself were invigorating and wonderful, especially for fans of the Ys and Trails franchises. Still, the most notable occurrences during this stream were the 4 major game localization announcements.

For those who may have missed the stream and the aforementioned announcements, the 4 revealed games being localized are:

This is obviously massive news, as all of these titles have been infamously Japanese exclusive for years, even across the first three games’ updated iterations across modern consoles. This news is worth celebrating, though there is one collective caveat regarding the given release windows for 3 of these titles.

While Trails from Zero is stated to be released in Fall 2022, the other 3 games were given broad 2023 release windows. Now, Western Falcom fans are used to waiting extensively for titles to be localized, but 3 games slated for 2023 releases certainly come off as unorthodox and unusual. These release windows may be altered; who knows. I just find the prospect of releasing 3 never-before localized Falcom titles in the span of a year to be questionable.

Regardless, I am thrilled to be seeing these 4 games finally getting localized in the foreseeable future. Now is a good time as any for prospective fans to dive into this legendary JRPG series with Trails in the Sky.

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