Last Week on Indie Steam – Retro RPGs and Time Traveling Waifus

Welcome to the first Noisy Pixel Last Week on Indie Steam feature!

Well, what’s this all about you’re asking? Simple, with so many games being released every day, our staff decided to pick the best within each week and share the games that may or may not be within Valve’s filter of popularity.

Games change every week, with new entries, and we’re only picking the best of all the rest.

Sit back and browse our recommended entries, perhaps you missed a couple.

For this week, we have some exciting indie games from retro RPG’s to a Mad Tower Tycoon. Diversity and quality are, without a doubt, what we’re striving for when creating this list.

Orangeblood – January 14 / PLAYISM


Orangeblood is a cute pixelated RPG game set at the end of the 20th century, on a historic timeline different from that which we know. Looks amazing and delivers interesting gameplay features that might appeal to those into strange adventures in a retro vibe.

Ephemeral Tale – January 14 / Dawdling Dog, ltd.

Ephemeral Tale

Still keeping in with RPG’s, we have Ephemeral Tale, a colorful and sweet adventure that immediately takes us to the early ’90s with its visuals and soundtrack. Featuring traditional turn-based combat and plenty of loot to collect and skills to improve.

Mad Tower Tycoon – January 14 / Eggcode

Mad Tower Tycoon

Ever dream of building a 100-floor skyscraper? Well, you can now. Mad Tower Tycoon is a fun and immersive built tycoon, where players must look at the financial perspective of having a functional building. The taller, the better.

Bunny Park – January 14 / Éloïse Laroche

Bunny Park

Bunny Park is the sweetest and cutest game of the week! Rise bunnies and look after them, in this adorable “Park-like” simulator. Expand your park and discover new bunnies in this awesome sandbox clicker.

There Is No Tomorrow – January 15 / KOEX studio

There Is No Tomorrow

Not a game for everyone, and might look a little rough on the edges but overall delivers a fantastic, responsive, and grand narrative. The atmosphere alone is worth it for the fans of intense mystery and horror.

Lightmatter – January 15 / Aspyr


Lightmatter plays out with Light and Darkness. Keep the light on to survive, and thus puzzling your way through is the key. A simple but visually interesting, and although the concept is somehow generic, it’s presentation is appealing and attractive.

Bullet Girls Phantasia – January 17 / D3 PUBLISHER

Bullet Girls Phantasia

Through an anime visual art, this 3D third-person action game delivers great battles and tons of destruction. Defeat ugly trolls and enjoy tons of fan-service where cute girls shoot assault rifles and bazookas in a world filled with slimes, orcs, and dragons.

Have we missed an indie game? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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