Mech Action Game ‘War Tech Fighters’ Gets PS4, Xbox One, and Switch Release Date Along With New Trailer

Blowfish Studios announced that the Drakkar Dev developed mech action game War Tech Fighters will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on June 27.

War Tech Fighters allows players to command a squad of mechs, each of which are customizable to their playstyle, as they fight in a war against the Zatros empire. Players will have access to a variety of suits that each have special skills and abilities which range from long-range, mixed, and close combat. The game also features more than 180 upgradeable systems.

War Tech Fighters has an arcade approach to mission structure and story — where the game might seem like it is complicated to control, but has a relatively easy control scheme for players to jump in and get the hang of. With that said, customizing mechs and fine-tuning the experience is going to be where a game like this shines as it makes the title feel a little more immersive.

Developer Drakkar Dev has a line-up of titles that include Monkey Racing, Clash of Puppets, and Monkey Boxing. Sadly, I’ve never heard of these games, but that’s because they are all mobile titles. War Tech Fighters originally launched on PC-via Steam in 2018 and holds a Mostly Positive review score from users.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:


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