War of the Visions Pushes on Towards Global Release Anniversary Without an End in Sight

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has just celebrated its six-month anniversary as a global title. With this release, more fans have been able to experience the game’s tactical RPG systems and discover its narrative. However, being a mobile free-to-play game, much of its future rides on whether or not players enjoy the game enough to support it through daily gameplay and premium currency.

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In an interview with producer Hiroki Fujimoto, I was able to ask about how their team approaches the free-to-play model. Fujimoto shared, “Since this is a free-to-play game, we’ve balanced it so that as a basic rule, it provides plenty of fun at no cost, like progressing through the story and playing the events. As you play the game, you’ll gain Visiore, a currency which can be used to summon units and purchase enhancement materials. The game is balanced so that players can progress through the game, even if they do not pay.”

He added, “However, summoning does involve an element of luck, so for players who have a unit they want to enhance or get their hands on no matter what, and they feel they don’t have enough Visiore to do that, we provide the option for players to purchase the currency. Additionally, we’ve implemented a system that uses in-game advertisements to offer more opportunities to gain Visiore at no cost.”

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Given that War of the Visions has only been available for six months globally, there’s an understanding that players from different regions approach mobile gacha games differently. It’s such a nuanced and delicate line of what works and what doesn’t in certain parts of the world. When it comes to addressing player feedback, Fujimoto-san let us know, “We do indeed receive feedback from the players about WOTV FFBE through our community team. We look through each of the individual pieces of feedback that the team provides and work daily to update and develop WOTV FFBE in the hopes that we can create an even more satisfying experience.”

Each month, the team hosts a video stream titled “WOTV FFBE Updates,” where they update players with information about the game’s systems along with any event details. These videos also include a Q&A segment where they answer player questions.

When it comes to differences between the global and Japanese releases, players can expect to follow the Japanese version’s roadmap. However, Fujimoto-san also shared that they plan to conduct “global original events” for players in the future.

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For those who don’t know, War of the Visions’ gameplay and character design was inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics. The relation between the two is uncanny, so it was no surprise when they announced a collaboration event with Final Fantasy Tactics. Fujimoto-san shared what it was like working on this collaboration by saying, “Final Fantasy Tactics is a game that continues to be loved by many fans throughout the world, and it’s also a tactical RPG—the same genre as WOTV FFBE.”

He continues, “For these reasons, it’s a title that we always wanted to collaborate with, ever since the beginning of development. The players were very happy and excited about seeing these amazing units from Final Fantasy Tactics join WOTV FFBE, and their response made me truly glad that we were able to have this collaboration.”

He also let us know that there will be additional collaborations between additional Final Fantasy IPs and other titles.

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However, not all gamers enjoy playing mobile games. I’ve seen many comments from gamers expressing that War of the Visions has a console-quality appeal to it. However, fans shouldn’t expect to see it on console anytime soon as Fujimoto-san said, “Currently, we’ve designed the layout of the UI based on the assumption that the game is to be played on mobile devices, and we adjust the in-game balance as a live operations game, so porting it to a console isn’t something we could do with the push of a button.”

As we pass the six-month anniversary and lead up to the first anniversary for the global version of War of the Visions, Fujimoto-san shared that the team is “…working on preparing more global original units, vision cards, and collaborations and more for the future, so I hope the players will look forward to seeing those. Of course, we’ll also continue making further improvements to existing content, so we hope you’ll continue to support WOTV FFBE.”

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius available now on iOS and Android.

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