SRPG ‘War of Ashird’ Cancels Kickstarter to Restructure for a Future Relaunch

Igrasil Studio has updated the Kickstarter for the Kumiho Soft-co-developed SRPG War of Ashird, in development for PC-via Steam, PS4, and Switch.

The publisher didn’t believe that they would reach their goal in time and also stated that they made several mistakes when they started. Instead of going through their campaign and fixing them, they decided the best approach would be to cancel the campaign and return to it later. Evidently, they’ve been approached by several publishers to help with funds, but the team still plans to use Kickstarter in the future.

War of Ashird is a turn-based strategy RPG where players can create parties of up to 7 characters to engage the enemy. Missions will include taking down a boss, laying siege to a castle, or conquering new territory. During gameplay, players can visit 20 different towns full of new guild quests and side-missions. Party members will each have their own unique personality and story to discover as players unlock new skills and abilities through combat. Players will also have a choice during gameplay as to whether destroy everything or protect individual kingdoms, which also shapes the course of the narrative.

The campaign ended at 55% funded.

The team shared a character asset with their post, which you can see below:

War of Ashird

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