Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance Review – Comfortable Yuri

    Title: Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance
    Developer: BaseSon
    Release Date: November 19, 2020
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: MangaGamer
    Genre: Visual Novel

Sometimes all we need to have fun with a game is to appeal to our desires and offer some comfort in dire times. Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance is a simple visual novel covering the daily lives of a group of girls in a dorm. As an observer, the player has the chance to see how their relationships develop across two months. The result is some charming scenes of yuri romance.

Wanting Wings is actually composed of two games. The first one tells the story of three girls who share a room in a dorm supervised by Sachiko Takaoka, a carefree woman who loves smoking, painting, and cute girls. Her artistry skills have given her the confidence to ask all the main heroines to pose nude for her, but she’s been rejected.

The three heroines are Hina Natsume, a cheerful and athletic girl who is always working hard, Fumi Asou, the onee-san of the trio, who is really skilled at cooking and likes to take care of others, and Rin Ogata, a lazy girl who’s always reading erotic books and often teases both Hina and Fumi. Throughout the story, the player observes their daily lives leading up to Christmas and can sometimes choose objects to interact with. By doing that, it’s possible to influence which couple will be formed. After completing the three routes, an epilogue will is unlocked, bringing some twists to the story, and then a second game will become available.

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The second game acts as a sequel to the story, and we get to see how the three possible couples develop in the month before Valentine’s Day. If that wasn’t exciting enough, a new roommate moves in named Miyako. Miyako happens to be a “snooze monster,” with an impressive skill to fall asleep whenever and wherever. Though she’s a newcomer, it feels like her presence is very natural, thanks to her good nature and ability to read the room.

Wanting Wings is largely a slice-of-life story, showing ordinary situations like the girls drinking apple tea, eating lunch, or talking about hobbies. Character interactions are funny, with teasing and exaggerated reactions, and the girls are really endearing, making the story engaging to read despite the events being mundane.

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I found it interesting to see how the girls’ romance develops, given that each character is quite distinct. The approach for it route can vary wildly, from a very pure romance between Hina and Fumi to “please, punish me, onee-sama” S&M sections between Rin and Fumi. Depending on their pairing, you’ll see many sides to them and how they’re open to exploring different roles sexually.

The group’s relationships also go through some drama, especially in the second game, when they have to think about the future, but it’s never anything overwhelming. There aren’t even alternative bad endings, making it a comfortable game to play through. However, that’s also part of what makes the narrative come across like a basic game, as there are no real choices after the initial two routes of the first act.

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The interface is serviceable, with a semi-transparent dialogue box and the menu on the lower part. The first game’s box is colored green while the second’s pink. The main menu feels really bare until the player reaches the end, unlocking additional artworks.

The few CGs within the game can appear a little static, most of them featuring only small expression changes as variants. But the Japanese voice actresses are really good at conveying feelings to these situations, compensating for that stillness. The game is almost completely voiced, with only some small unvoiced narration bits. The soundtrack only features a few generic tracks, but it works for this game.

Wanting Wings 4 e1606339981136

In the end, Wanting Wings is an enjoyable eroge with a charismatic cast whose interactions make it both romantic and charming. However, the slice-of-life premise does lean into overly predictable routes and situations that make the story beats a little too familiar. Still, as a relaxing weekend read, Wanting Wings checks all the right boxes.

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