Wandering Sword Announces Future Development Roadmap; New Story, Difficulty Selection, New Game+ & More

Wandering Sword Announces Future Development Roadmap; New Story, Difficulty Selection, New Game+ & More

Spiral Up Games has revealed the Future Development Roadmap for The Swordman Studio-developed turn-based RPG Wandering Sword. Players can anticipate New Game+, a new side storyline, and the option to select one’s difficulty.

Other eventual implementations include Steam achievements, an in-game encyclopedia, expanded main story content, and more. Fan feedback has already led to the additions of a toggle for battle speed, an auto-battle mode, fast travel, and an in-game world map guide.

You can view the quoted notes for the upcoming developments of Wandering Sword below:

New Side Storyline – The Southern Chronicles! Prepare to immerse yourself in an all-new side storyline – The Southern Chronicles! This new storyline will introduce fresh martial arts techniques, fascinating companions, and uncharted maps. Get ready to explore, fight, and bond in this rich tapestry of adventure!

New Game + – We heard you loud and clear – New Game + mode is on the horizon! Once you complete a playthrough, you can embark on a new journey with New Game+, retaining some of your martial arts, skills, and items from your previous adventure. Get ready to experience the world of Wandering Sword with a new edge!

Difficulty Selection Feature – We understand that every player’s journey is unique. That’s why we have planned a difficulty selection feature, allowing you to tailor the challenge level right from the start of your new game. Whether you crave a more relaxed storytelling experience or seek the thrill of formidable foes, this feature will let you shape your adventure your way!

As we continue to develop and test these updates, we’re also working on other exciting features like Steam achievements and an in-game encyclopedia. We can’t wait to share more information with you, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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Wandering Sword is developed in Unreal Engine 4. During gameplay, players can explore the lands as they discover new martial arts forms, which can be taught to other party members. Further, weapons can be mastered through a rather complex upgrade tree.

Combat is grid-based and turn-based, but there is also a real-time mode if players wish to play fast. There are multiple ending scenes to the adventure, depending on the choices that you make during dialogue and the side quests you complete alongside the main quest.

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Wandering Sword is available for PC via Steam.

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