Visual Novel ‘WABISABI’ Gets Western PC Release Date Following Steam Ban

Sekai Project and Denpasoft announced that the Le:CODE-developed visual novel WABISABI will launch on PC-via Denpasoft on December 20.

Initially, the title was supposed to release on Steam, but in the recent weeks, it has been banned on the platform. Still, players eager to play this title can do so thanks to the publisher’s online store.

WABISABI features a few main heroines. One of which is named Haru, who is a shrine maiden with a good personality.  Other characters introduced are Aki, a cheerful shrine maiden, Shiro, a spirit with extraordinary power, and Tianjin, a supporting character who acts like the older sister.

The story follows the pain protagonist, Kousuke, who has come home from studying at an art college in the city. There to welcome him are a group of kind goddesses who love him. The story then follows their relationship and bond as they become closer after so much time of being apart.

The game does feature adult scenes, but as you could have guessed the Steam version was going to be all-ages. We’ll keep you updated on if the game ends up on Steam in the future.

WABISABI is directed by Yoshino Shinichi, with character designs by Aoi Yun, and scenario writer Kashi Youhei. Le:Code is a developer who mainly focuses on mobile and PC titles. Their first title, Maid to Partita was released for iOS and Android devices.

In case you missed it, you can check out the opening video below:

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