Volta-X Launches Yooka-Laylee Collaboration Adding New Characters and Weapons

GungHo Online Entertainment has launched a collaboration between their robot strategy battler, Volta-X, with developer Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam as part of a free update.

The collaboration will introduce a new side-mission where Yooka and Laylee enter the World Volta Association and even put on some pants for the new adventure. The characters act as one character with Laylee riding on Yooka’s back. Players can add them to their team by completing the mission in Episode 2. The character has a special ability, “Slurp State,” which allows Yooka to take on the properties of any elemental effect active in the room and imbue his next attack with that effect.

The update also introduces two new weapons and a new Emblem System:

  • The Capital Ship takes up all four drone slots and summons a huge drone that works independently to attack different rooms in the opponent’s robot.
  • The Dai Beam Cannon Weapon body weapon fires fast and doesn’t have a cooldown. However, use it with caution, as it can explode if it is used too much – or if someone uses fire or electricity to attack that room.
  • The new Emblem System grants players special emblems for completing certain in-game achievements. Players can equip these emblems next to their names to show off to other players.

Another content update is planned to release soon an offline game mode and a new Volta scheduled for Volta-X Act 2.

Volta-X is a competitive robot combat game created as an ode to classic anime from the ’70s. During gameplay, players will control various robots, each with a range of different abilities, including lasers, heavy-hitting chain maces, blazingly fast rock launchers; you get the point.

Each player will have a crew of adorable animal characters to assist with keeping their mechs in top shape as they build the mechs of their dreams. Throughout the game, players can customize these mechs with new weapons and upgrades and customize loadouts to match their playstyle.

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