Robot Combat Game ‘Volta-X’ Revealed for Switch With Gameplay Details

GungHo Online Entertainment revealed a new project, Volta-X, in development for Nintendo Switch.

Volta-X is a competitive robot combat game that was created as an ode to classic anime from the ’70s. During gameplay, players will be able to control a variety of different robots, each with a range of different abilities including, lasers, heavy-hitting chain maces, blazingly fast rock launchers, you get the point. Each player will have a crew of adorable animal characters to assist with keeping their mechs in top shape as the build the mechs of their dreams. Throughout the game, players can customize these mechs with new weapons and upgrades as well as customizing loadouts to match their playstyle.

During battles, players will take part in a tournament where players will compete with their built battles to become the champion. Additionally, players will need to manage the creat to send them from room to room as they power up weapons, put out fires, and repair broken equipment.

Matches against enemies aren’t the only thing players will be able to do during the game. Keeping the crew happy is another key feature where the player will be able to upgrade their base with lounges and cafe, which will definitely boost morale around the workshop.

You can check out screenshots from the game below:

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