Voice Actor Ray Chase Teases Involvement in Final Fantasy Project

In a series of tweets earlier today, prominent video game voice actor Ray Chase has seemingly soft-confirmed his involvement in a Final Fantasy related project. Ray Chase is known for his work as Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, the Master of Masters in the Kingdom Hearts series, and much more.

There is very little to interpret from Chase’s tweets on the matter. He states excitement over being able to post about whatever project he is indirectly referring to and says he’s “…pretty much all out of final fantasy jokes.” We assume that this is related to Final Fantasy somehow, but still, considering that this is not an official announcement, best to approach this with a grain of salt.

Chase also stated that he is not “Zach” and apologizes for any confusion. Fans assumed that he was referring to Zack from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII when he made that statement. There is the possibility that he is working on that fabled Crisis Core remake following the news on the recent Final Fantasy VII related trademarks Square Enix Japan has filed. He could also be working on a project not related to Final Fantasy VII and another entry entirely.

I find it somewhat interesting that there is already English voice work going into whatever this Final Fantasy-related project is. This could imply that there is already a fair bit of work done on this title to warrant English voice acting already being done, or it could just be voice work for a trailer.

I find the latter more likely since Square Enix has a habit of heavily marketing titles, and them not having officially disclosing any information at this point is more than a bit odd. However, it is always possible that their marketing strategies have changed, so this is really just all speculation. All we can do is be patient and await whatever Final Fantasy project this is.

You can read the tweets below:

UPDATE: (1/15/2021)

Ray Chase has removed the prior series of tweets and has announced that he was not hinting towards an announcement or teasing anything Final Fantasy related. You can view the tweet below:

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