Voice Acting RomCom Visual Novel ‘Ninki Seiyuu’ Coming West Next Week

Shiravune has announced they’ll publish Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress in English. The romantic comedy visual novel about professional voice actresses will be released on PC -via Johren- on October 8, 2021. As with previous games from the publisher, this western release will include the 18+ content.

Developed by MintCUBE, Ninki Seiyuu tells the story of Keito Nagakura, who works at the voice actor agency Production Bloom as a part-timer. As he gets familiarized with his work, he will get to meet some voice actresses and learn about their worries and hardships. As such, he has the opportunity to see the other side of the industry and learn from their perspectives.

There are three heroines in the game. Yukako Kurusu is voiced by Kanau, whose previous works include IxSHE TELL’s Kasumi Koshimizu and Master Magistrate’s Shino Okita. Konatsu Nagakura’s voice actress is Yui Kusuhara, who was Riddle Joker’s Nanami Arihara and Meteor World Actor’s Chiffon MacDougall. Last but not least is Itsumi Seno whose voice actress is Sora Haruka who was Primal Hearts’ Sera Kuragano and Kin’iro Loveriche’s Reina Kisaki.

All three seiyuu have an extensive list of works and it’s not hard to recognize many of their other works besides the ones I mentioned above. The illustrations are done by Shina Asakawa and the story is written by Ryouichi Futaba and Taku Yamura.

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