Hand-Drawn Adventure ‘Vivarium’ Announced

Hand-Drawn Adventure ‘Vivarium’ Announced

Michael Nowak and Trent Garlipp have announced their upcoming hand-drawn story adventure game Vivarium via an unknown studio.

No release date or platforms were announced, but several inspirations are stated, like Boku No Natsuyasumi, moon, and Chulip. Plus, the presentation is inspired by classic animations, with the 1970s to 1980s in Japan being explicitly stated.

Set in the world of a terrarium, the story follows protagonist Jenny, who lives by herself in the titular world, yet not all is as it seems. The giant tree in the terrarium’s center has died, ruining the world’s balance. However, as Jenny grows by solving puzzles and helping other characters, the sprout in the dead tree’s place also grows.

The art style’s details are quoted below via Gematsu:

“Vivarium features a totally hand-drawn traditional cel-animation process—reflective of the media it’s inspired by. Every frame of the game is hand-crafted with love!

Vivarium‘s environments are rendered in rich, thickly saturated gouache painting. Every area features its own original art assets and highly detailed painted backdrop.

Vivarium uses subtle post-processing, lighting, and color grading to achieve a retro-cinematic aesthetic. Hand-placed dynamic day-night cycle lighting. Grain, lens focus-blur, and a cel drop-shadow are all applied in-engine. These effects replicate the look of traditional animation photographed and printed on film.”

You can view the announcement trailer for Vivarium below:

We’ll keep you all updated on the development and eventual release of Vivarium.

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