Visual Novel ‘The Warmth Between Us’ Gets English Support on Steam

Visual Novel ‘The Warmth Between Us’ Gets English Support on Steam

Kikai Digital announced that the Connection-developed visual novel The Warmth Between Us has received English support on PC-via Steam for western players.

The Warmth Between Us is set in Taipei and tells a story of a relationship that is bound by more than friendship or love. Players will experience a story that is built on support and warmth that people experience when they’re together. Still, it was a life-defining moment that affected the choices that they made and led them to realization.

The Warmth Between Us features 60,000 words and offers players 6 hours of gameplay. The team spent three months localizing the game, but when it was being developed, the China-based team had no intention of ever bringing the game west. It was a decision to share this game with more than just Chinese players and see how it translates with western players.

The gameplay is more lighthearted and doesn’t really focus on romance, but instead, attempts to guide players through a different kind of relationship. It’s tough to explain, and going any deeper might spoil some of the game’s narrative. Regardless, the game is available now, so check it out to know more.

You can check out some screenshots of The Warmth Between Us below:

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