Indie Visual Novel ‘Student Union’ Receives Free PC Demo

Indie Visual Novel ‘Student Union’ Receives Free PC Demo

Visual Novel Village announced that their visual novel Student Union has received a free demo on PC.

Available now on the developer’s, those interested can download the demo and play around 2 hours of the game. During the demo, players can make choices that branch the story and alter the dialogue between characters. The demo aims to introduce the game’s primary branching paths that the remainder of the story will expand on.

Student Union doesn’t have too much information about its premise or plot. What we do know is that the main protagonist is named Lane, and the game’s themes include dark drama and romance between the cast. During the game, players are able to form a student government, recruit members, and work through the struggle of maintaining balance in the face of unexpected challenges and danger.

The developer is planning a Kickstarter in the future to assist the game’s funding and development, but they have not revealed a release date for its launch.

There’s also a new trailer for the demo that includes a brief look at the characters and some of the darker themes the game has to offer. Student Union also features dating sim blended with horror elements.

You can watch the trailer below:

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