Visual Novel ‘Rewrite+’ Still Aims for January 2021 Release Window in Statement From Localization Team

Sekai Project has announced that the western release for the VisualArts Key developed visual novel Rewrite+ is still set for January 2021 on PC-via Steam after the localization team added three more translators to assist Steiner on the project.

In a statement, one of the new translators, John, shared, “I’ve worked with Sekai Project for a while now on a bunch of other games, such as the fault series and Tokyo Chronos. I’ve been a fan of Key’s works for well over a decade now since Air (and planetarian, especially), so I’m stoked to be working on something as monumental as Rewrite!”

The publisher also added that editing has caught up with translating and that they are still holding onto a January 2021 release, but they aren’t 100% on a release date at this time.

Rewrite+ was successfully crowdfunded last year to bring the title west. The campaign was created to bring Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! to western fans and pay the high cost of voice audio licensing fees.

Rewrite+ and Rewrite Harvest Festa! is set in Kazamatsuri, where Tennoji Kotarou spends his day with his close group of friends. Once a year, an event shakes the foundations of this small town. Known as the harvest festival, Kotarous collects information about creatures and the occult. Strange things happen all around him, and Kotarou does what he can to find the “truth” that no one else has discovered.

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