Visual Arts Reveals Three Visual Novel Titles: Project: LOOPER, Project: LUNAR, and Project: PORTER

Visual Arts revealed that they are working on three upcoming visual novels for release, Project: LOOPER, Project: LUNAR, and Project: PORTER, to release this year and later in 2021 on PC.

Project LOOPER

Project: LOOPER is written by scenario writer Ryukishi07 with illustrations by Kei Mochizuki. The game is centered around Taira, who is a high school student obsessed with geocaching, that game where you find treasure.

During summer vacation, Taira and her friends come across a mysterious incident, and the reality because disoriented as tomorrow becomes today. The group has been swallowed in a time vortex and trapped in a never-ending loop. That’s when they meet other “loopers,” Simon and Mia, and work together to escape. The release is coming soon.

Project LUNAR

Project: LUNAR is written by scenario writer Takeshi Matsuyama. The story introduces a VR action-battle race known as Skyout, where the protagonist T-bit happens to be a genius gamer. He plays Skyout to earn money, and one day finds himself in Lunar World, a Moon server that is supposed to be a secret. This is where he meets an AI avatar named Lunar-Q, a rejected mascot character who wants to see Earth. Release planned for 2021.

Project PORTER

Project: PORTER is from scenario writer Romeo Tanaka. The story is set on an Earth that has been taken over by a group of machines known as “singularity.” Humanity is fighting for survival when one day, a transporter receives a strange request that a girl android is meant to be a family member substitute and is unaffected by the Singularity Machines.

Despite the girl’s naive behavior, she and the transporter set out on a journey. They will encounter bandits and other enemies along the way, but they press on to make the delivery. The girl wants to become a human, but can this happen? Release planned for 2021.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on each new title and their development.

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