Visual Novel ‘Nie no Hakoniwa’ Confirms Steam Release Coming in 2024

Sekai Project announced that the Chatte Noire-developed visual novel Nie no Hakoniwa will launch on PC via Steam in the west in 2024. The game will also likely be available on Denpasoft.

Nie no Hakoniwa’s developer is the sister team to Neko Works who develop the exceptionally popular Nekopara series. The game is currently not out in Japan so this is a confirmation of other region release windows as well.

The story takes place as a stranger arrives at a village that has been long burdened by hardship. This newcomer possessed a cryptic “box,” a tool that would ultimately serve as a catalyst for the oppressed to rally against their oppressors.

Years passed, and the downtrodden community evolved into seven influential noble houses, each enjoying prosperity. However, House Shiki, holding the foremost position among these noble houses, faced an issue—the absence of a male heir to carry on the family legacy. In a bid to secure an heir, the family adopted a young man from beyond the village’s confines.

This young man, Kurou, had spent his life as a “product,” unaware of the intricacies of human existence. His entry into House Shiki introduced him to Shiki Kyouko, the eldest daughter of the noble house, leading to the gradual emergence of emotions within him. However, the day of their union marked the birth of a harrowing nightmare.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Nie no Hakoniwa.

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