Musical Visual Novel ‘Musicus’ Announced for PC in the West

MangaGamer took the opportunity to announce that they will publish the Overdrive developed musical visual novel Musicus on PC-via MangaGamer in the west.

The game will release in English on MangaGamer with a free adult patch available for players.

Musicus tells the story of Kei who’s future was pretty much laid out for him the day he was born. As the son of a long line of doctors, he was fated to follow suit and go through medical college. However, he ended up struggle to complete night classes and finish his education, so he dropped out. Feeling depressed and confused, he questions if he ever truly wanted to become a doctor. This leads him to open up the doors to the rock ‘n roll lifestyle and follow a new dream.

This dream only came after his first experience with the genre. After a series of events, Kei found himself writing a story on a particular band that he absolutely fell in love with. However, they disbanded, and despite Kei’s efforts to get them back together, the leader, Korekiyo, said, “No.” but then follow up with, “How about you play rock in my place.” Well, that’s exciting.

You can check out screenshots for Musicus below:

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