Visual Novel ‘KaraKara 3’ Announced for PC in the West

Visual Novel ‘KaraKara 3’ Announced for PC in the West

Sekai Project announced that they will publish the Calme-developed visual novel KaraKara 3 in the west on PC.

KaraKara 3 takes place in the Age of Dusk. Humans have taken the form of hybrids known as the Others, which have increased in numbers. Leon and Lucia run a small diner down a stretch of highway far from the heart of town. Together with Aisia and newcomers Rebecca and Mari, the group learns to survive in the arid land.

However, the days of peace have come to an end in this entry when Leon hears the sound of a telephone ring. This is a relic of the past, and she is informed that Cullen, a member of the town vigilante corp, is being held hostage. However, what they want from Leon is what players will uncover as a new disaster creeps up once again to cause trouble to the citizens.

KaraKara 3 was first announced in 2018, but it also marks the conclusion of the KaraKara series. Currently, KaraKara and KaraKara 2 is available now in the wast. It should also be mentioned that there are adult elements in this game and some rather adorable friendships that come to fruition, so if you haven’t experienced it, be sure to check it out.

We’ll be sure to keep you update to date on the release of KaraKara 3.

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