Visual Novel ‘Irotoridori no Sekai’ Officially Coming West on PC Following Successful Kickstarter

Visual novel publisher Sol Press has concluded their Kickstarter campaign to localize the Favorite developed visual novel Irotoridori no Sekai in the west on PC.

The campaign was asking for $85,000 to begin localization on the project to meet a 2021 launch window. However, the campaign didn’t pick up real steam until the final days of the campaign getting over $15,000 in the last 11 hours. Fans stepped it up further by increasing their bids during the last 6 minutes of the campaign to slingshot the project over its goal.

This means that Irotoridori no Sekai will officially come west on PC by Sol Press, but the stretch goals to release the other two entries in the trilogy, Irotoridori no Hikari and Akai Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai, have not been confirmed for a western release. With that said, Sol Press mentions that they will seek outside publisher assistance to try and bring these titles west as well.

Irotoridori no Sekai tells the story of Kanoue Yuuma who received a mysterious power from a magician name Shinku. Evidently, he is able to cure all wounds of anyone he touches, but he’ll need to give up some of his memories for this to happen. Throughout the game, players will learn more about Yuuma as well as a mysterious door to another world that resides in a basement.

You can watch the opening movie below:

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