Visual Novel ‘Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Fruitbat Factory announced they will release the Almaz developed visual novel Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia on PC-via Steam on June 24.

Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia is the first chapter of three in the Forgotten Trace series. During the story, players are introduced to Nanami Kazuya, who finds himself in a place that might be either a dream or a reality. Many actions that he took brought him to this place in which he has lost everything.

All he knows is that he’s alone, and this forest that he has found himself in reflects the depths of his own mind. However, for some reason, the typical pain in his knee is gone, and he hears the faint sound of a lullaby in the distance.

After investigating the cause of the sound, Kazuya meets a woman who says, “I wanted to see you, Kazuya…” She then kisses him.

Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia is centered around a mystery where suicides committed by people around town each have a medical issue. As Kazuya finds himself in this forest without his knee pain, he is able to put the pieces together. What he will soon discover is that he himself is one of the seven symbols that lurk in the back of his memories from the distant past.

You can check out the announcement trailer below:

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